We Believe:

    • Nothing in creation “just happened”. God made it all.
    • The Bible is God’s Word to us; it is Truth without error, and provides God’s perfect guidebook for living.
    • God uses ordinary and imperfect people for the most extraordinary purposes.
    • God has allowed evil to exist to provide us with a choice; God can bring good out of any evil scenario.
    • Jesus is the Son of God; He took our sins to the cross with Him and arose from the dead after three days.
    • Christianity is not a religion – it’s a relationship with God that is offered as a free gift to everyone; it’s up to us to open the gift.
    • The Holy Spirit is God living in and through us.
    • The church is here to serve people like Jesus served people – we are God’s Plan to show others who He is.
    • Heaven and hell are real places.
    • Jesus is coming again.